Jul 15, 2011

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Revan Excerpt Available In Star Wars Insider Issue #127

The latest issue of Star Wars Insider has a short excerpt from Drew Karpyshyn‘s upcoming novel Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan, and for the TOR faithful, it’s well worth a read!

In the excerpt, we find Revan and none other than Canderous Ordo aboard the Ebon Hawk, searching for a place to set down on an un-named snow-covered planet:

Fighting wind and gravity, Revan struggled to keep the damaged ship level as he took it down. Seconds before they touched ground, a blast of wind grabbed the Ebon Hawk and pitched it hard to starboard. Revan jammed the stick to port, desperately trying to keep the ship from flipping over. It slammed into the snow bank at a forty-five degree angle, carving a fifty-meter-long trench in the powder before finally coming to rest.

Later in the excerpt, we learn that they are looking to rendezvous with some of Canderous’ fellow Mandalorians… and even meet his significant other, but not without a little drama first.

It’s also not made clear exactly where we are in the timeline.

At the end of the excerpt, the street date for the novel is stated as being October 18, but elsewhere has been confirmed as November 15. This may be due to the lead time for the magazine, but in any case is available for pre-order now on Amazon and at other retailers.

Issue #127 of Star Wars Insider hits newsstands on July 26th, or you can go purchase the digital version right now on Zinio!

Revan Cover

  1. Is this where I begin the speculation about a previously unannounced change to Revan release date to coincide with a TOR date in October? Huh huh? Is it? :)

    Seriously though, that could be a possibility. I would think that Star Wars Insider would have their facts straight on that, the November release date was revealed quite awhile ago, I believe. At least long enough for a change in the magazine.

    I feel it is worth mentioning that this would also coincide with the recently shown release date of the Art of book from Barnes & Noble of October 19th. Perhaps the Revan book and TOR both release on Octorber 18th? Pure speculation on my part, but the Magic 8 ball does seem to want to point in that direction.

    • It would maker sense! becuase in the game its gonna porobably explain what happendd to revan to and they cant have the book coming out before the game and spoiling it for everyone before the game, maybe it is the release date!


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