Jun 24, 2011

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Blue Milk & Cereal: Do You Want To See Holidays In TOR?

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In-game holidays never caught on with me.  I’ve spent most of my MMO career playing World of Warcraft, and many of its in-game holidays are copies of real-life events such as Christmas and the Chinese New Year.  Every year the holidays would come along and my guild-mates would log on and force themselves through the quests for achievement points, but I didn’t. The quests were often annoying and the result didn’t warrant the effort.

TOR offers an opportunity to do something different since the Star Wars universe actually has its own holidays.  While many of the holidays sound similar to those we have in real life, BioWare isn’t limited to holidays that are already canon.  If there is enough community interest, BioWare could create holidays to meet player demands.

Do you want to see holidays in TOR? Should they be based on real-life holidays? If there are holidays, do you think holidays should have gameplay elements attached to them? Vote and discuss!

Should there be in-game holiday events in The Old Republic?

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  1. Holidays are great… these are game worlds, not just games, so we need things like this…. non-combat social activities.

    Holidays all the way1

  2. Sangria says:

    Holidays help make MMOs. Aion didn’t have them, and look how that game turned out.

  3. LazyBuddha says:

    Did they not already say they would only have Star Wars Holidays?

  4. If we get a release this fall, I would say skip Christmas this year.
    After that, once the game has set it’s mark in the MMO world, I would say go for it.

  5. Only if they are canon within the Star Wars EU.

    I don’t want to see Christmas, Easter, VDay, etc. How would you even do seasonal holidays across 17+ planets? I don’t want to see Hoth decked out in tinsel.

  6. Cheddarlove says:

    They’ve already stated that there will be no breaking the 4th wall in TOR, and celebrating IRL holidays would definitely be doing just that. So there will definitely not be holidays.

  7. DozingDawg says:

    Not the first year… save these things for when the numbers drop.

  8. I’d like to see the implemented at some point, either canon holidays that coincide with real holiday times or just put up a damn Xmas tree on my ship. I dont want to see the meaningless WoWesque tasks of putting out fires in Goldshire (oh the nightmares) but it wouldn’t be unwelcome to be able to celebrate the holidays in some fashion with my online friends.

  9. Let’s just leave Life Day out of it…

  10. Holidays are alright, but tying them to any sort of significant rewards is not. Trying to farm mounts, non-combat pets, and obnoxious RNG-related achievements during holidays really helped to ruin WoW for me.

    • Darkclaymore says:

      How did it ruin wow for you? if you didn’t like them all you had to do was not do them.

      I tryed one. Hated it and never particapated in any of them after that.

  11. My wife and I like some holidays in wow. Our favorite is brewfest =P. But, for the most part a lot of them can stay right there especially Mid summer event lol.

    I would like to see canon star wars holidays and my companion with a christmas hat on lol.

  12. Rhalthor says:

    I think they should have holidays, but with a limit. In other mmo’s they got almost a holiday each month and its a fact that if you experience something often you will have less fun with it eventually.

    They should keep it up to a maximum of 3 or 4 events a year.

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