Jun 10, 2011

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Friday Update – E3 Wrapup, SW:TOR Peripherals And Game Features

This Friday’s update is all about wrapping it up!

It was a busy week for our friends at BioWare, with new info and media being released nearly every day this week, so they took this opportunity to wrap it all up for folks that may not have had the time during the week to follow closely!

The Old Republic at E3 2011

A full-scale overview and wrapup of everything TOR coming out of E3, this is the place to check if you want to brought back up to speed! Click here.

Game Features Trailer

Although released last week through GameSpot, this video has been added to SWTOR.com and is a great preview of features of The Old Republic, and was the first source to bring us the reveal of Operations!

Star Wars: The Old Republic Peripherals from Razer

Revealed during E3, fans have some very cool and well-designed TOR-themed peripherals to look forward to! Click through for the official preview!

Bonus: Fan Reaction From E3 2011!

In case you missed it, Electronic Arts also released a video of some fan reactions after they had a chance to get their hands-on Star Wars: The Old Republic for the first time. Check it out!


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