May 5, 2011

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FSS 2011: PvP Q&A With Gabe Amatangelo

As part of the Group Q&A series during last week’s Fan Site Summit, Gabe Amatangelo (or, Senator Amatangelo as he’s referred to by his colleagues,) took some time after our play session in the Alderaan Civil War Warzone, to answer some questions about what we’d just seen.

Gabe is a really laid-back guy and seemed like exactly who you’d want calling the shots for the design of the PvP game for The Old Republic™.

Some of the topics he covers, thanks to questions from your favorite fan sites, include:

  • Pace of combat (no 1-shot kills!)
  • PvP balance with PvE
  • PvP spec for every class – No class will be left without a PvP spec within 2% effectiveness of any other
  • Gear vs. skill
  • Matchmaking system – Take players, specs, premades an other factors into consideration
  • Bolster system – brings all players within the Warzone to within 20% of each other (including level!)
  • Player commendations – give someone you played with in a Warzone props for doing well
  • Guard – tank ability to mitigate damage from other players
  • Badges – Taking cues from FPS games, rewards for good play – i.e. “Unstoppable!”
  • Warzone size – anything bigger than 8v8 coming?
  • Turtling – There is none!
  • … and more!

Thanks once again to Brooks for handling the audio duties!


Gabe Amatangelo

Gabe Amatangelo, Lead PvP Designer

  1. MrFester says:

    Looks like the video is giving a error and not playing.

  2. Thank you for the link.
    I plan to go with Jedi consular in SWTOR in beta now.
    actually, I like their great weapons, It’s very nice use;)
    I’ve read from i can know more about Jedi consular, and others too!


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