Apr 28, 2011

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Fan Site Summit 2011: Welcome To The Big Show!

Earlier this week, Ask A Jedi and about 15 other fan sites spent two days down in Austin, completely immersed in all things TOR thanks to the hospitality of BioWare! What you’re about to witness is a recount of those events, as they occurred. Names were not changed to protect the innocent :)

All told, we had about 10 hours of total hands-on play, including:

  • Immersion Day with the Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent (here.)
  • PvP Overview (here.)
  • PvP in the Alderaan Warzone (here.)
  • Audio Q&A with Gabe Amatangelo (here.)
  • All-Class Origin World Gameplay
  • Flashpoints: The Black Talon! (now posted here.)

Oh, and we got a sneak peak at part of tomorrow’s update – WOW!

We’ll keep this post updated with our additional coverage, as well as items from other fan sites that come up.



Darth Hater







TOROcast – Episode 100 – Its 100
Bounty Hunter Impressions and Q&A’s
TOROcast Exclusive Screenshot!
The Black Talon
Playing the Agent
Fansite Summit Gameplay Impressions
Fansite Summit: Georg Zoeller Interview!


Corellian Run Radio
First SWTOR Fansite Summit Day 1: The Gang’s All Here
Exclusive Screenshot – Nar Shaddaa
Georg Zoeller on Forum Polls
FanSite Summit Day 2, Morning: Studio Tour, Dev Q&As
FanSite Summit: CRR Interview Highlights with Georg Zoeller
EPISODE #22: Can We Go Back to Austin Now?

Mos Eisley Radio
MER Episode 37: The Summit

Damion Schubert Fan Site Summit Interview
Video Q&A with the Writers
Exclusive Screenshot
TORSyndicate Episode #26: Summit in Review
Imperial Agent Impressions

Episode 35: Texas Rangers
Interview With Georg Zoeller

Unedited Video of Torocast Recording Show 100 at SWTOUR
Exclusive Screenshot
Impressions from Bioware’s Fan Site Summit 2011
Interview with Bioware’s Damion Schubert on Crew Skills
Bounty Hunter and General Gameplay Impressions

Meeting The Sites At SWTOUR
SWTOUR Part 3 Points To Note
SWTOUR Part 2 Combat & Gameplay
SWTOUR Part 1 – Story
Random Pic’s From SWTOUR

BioWare Summit: Incriminating Photos Pt. 1
Exclusive Screenshot
BioWare Summit: Incriminating Photos Pt. 2
BioWare’s Stephen Reid The Barstool Interview
BioWare Summit: Incriminating Photos Pt. 3
Playing the SWTOR Trooper First Impressions
The Making of SWTOUR


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