Apr 7, 2011

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UK Hands-On Event Q&A

As many of you are aware, BioWare held a special Star Wars: The Old Republic press event earlier this week in London. As a bonus at this event, some lucky fans were able to get their hands on each of the classes for an hour or so of TOR goodness!

After the gameplay sessions, there was a Q&A session hosted by Stephen Reid, Daniel Erickson and Gabe Amatangelo. What was talked about, you ask?

Well, official TOR forum member JonoBradley from Doghouse Gamer has you covered!

He managed to get an audio recording of the 9pm session, and provided a rough transcript of the topics discussed. Here are some highlights:

  • British accents for the Empire
  • How Daniel plays games all day, and that’s it
  • Rest XP confirmed!
  • TOR for the Mac?
  • Morality/Decisions that affect your character
  • Endgame/Rerolling
  • And more…

Thanks to JonoBradley for the effort, head over and check it out!

  1. I saw this post earlier today. I’m looking forward to giving it a lesson after I get home from class.

  2. cdstephens says:

    Said to run it on Mac you can use bootcamp. Roundabout way of saying there is no software for the Mac at least yet.

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