Mar 13, 2011

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PAX East 2011: Taral V Playthrough – Fansite Edition!

Yesterday, we were able to kick off day 2 of PAX East with a bang – a full playthrough of Taral V!  Even better, we were able to do it with peeps from other great TOR fan sites!

Our group consisted of:

Needless to say, the pressure was on! Luckily, we were able to make it all the way through to the end of the demo without any wipes!  We had a great time…

Darth Hater has already posted Pete’s playthrough as the Jedi Knight, and I believe TOROcast and Mos Eisley Radio will be doing the same – so you should be able to view the entire Taral V Flashpoint demo from all four class perspectives.

Enjoy! (We sure did!)

  1. Hahaha great work on the /dance! thats what we all wanted too see :D

  2. TheDarkKnight says:

    Going to watch all four POVs. I loved playing the Trooper and I do not normally play tanking roles. :)

    • Lethality says:

      Hey DK! I am sorry I did not catch up with you for video impressions yesterday :(

      I feel exactly the same way – I don’t normally tank, but loved tanking on the Trooper!

  3. Ichorvile says:

    I have to say everything looks amazing. Graphics, I love the HUD UI.. but still there is this thing that is bothering me.

    Jedi Consular Sage spec…. throws fire hydrants that are somehow underneath the ground of this lush planet….. and there are a lot of them.

    If it is a place holder, cool, if it is not and its part of some kind of lore that I am unfamiliar, cool. If not, its pretty strange. Only gripe, very excited.

    • Agreed, that one bothered me to. I hope it’s as you said, a place holder, don’t think lore has anything on this. Would be a bit of an oversight on their part, if they’re going for immersion, they might want to jazz that one up a bit.

      Really only is a minor thing though, still very much looking forward to all of it.

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