Mar 12, 2011

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PAX East 2011: Hall Hood Interview

Yesterday here at PAX East 2011, BioWare Senior Writer Hall Hood was nice enough to take a few minutes with Professor Walsh to discuss Star Wars™: The Old Republic™.

If you know the Professor, you know that he KNOWS his Star Wars (having read all 190 Star Wars novels) and asked some tough lore-related questions.

Hall is an awesome guy who we first met at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando, and was able to provide some great insight into some of the more pressing matters. Just want to shout out to Hall for being such a great sport!



  1. I want to know is if they are going to include a click to cast option like the mod Clique from WoW or Squared from Warhammer. Am I going to have to mod again to get that feature or am I forced to build a macro for it(I’m lazy I’d rather it be default). The UI is also poor for healing. You can’t tell how many hots you have rolling and what their duration is unless you target the person. Is there a plan to improve the UI before it ships? People complain about healing mods, but when UI’s are so poor like they are in WoW and in TOR(from what we’ve seen. It’s still early there’s hope) healers have to find ways to be more efficient. If systems like Grid/Clique or Squared were included in the default UI you’d improve the healing experience and eliminate the need for such mods.

    I’d also like a proper run-down of the Mercenary/Commando healing specs. We’ve seen the proper healer Jack of all trades, multi-ability(shields, hots, big/small heals)in the Sage, the primary HoT-healer in the Smuggler, are we to expect an AOE Healer(Resto Shaman from BC/Wrath) for the Command and Mercenary? I’m sure all of them will have tools to handle different situations, but I’m starting to get the Priest, Druid, Shaman vibe.

  2. hallowedmarcus says:

    Professor should have asked if the Jedi Ghost shown in Taral V speaking the the Jedi Master was or not the Jedi Exile.

  3. ObiTinKenobi says:

    I think Walsh did an awesome job. That was a really good interview and very entertaining. I loved the Darth Dural bit :D Also he does a great Ackbar. Props!

  4. JJames90156 says:

    Really could have done without that Satele question.

  5. ArkhamNative says:

    “Romance-able” ROFL. The word sounds a lot like crucible. Much wisdom in that, methinks. Otherwise, nice interview, deep geeky questions. Thanks!


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