Jan 17, 2011

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Space Combat Screens w/ UI: Jace Hall Show

In the most recent episode of the Jace Hall show, Jace paid a visit to the BioWare Austin studios and sat down for a “chat” with BioWare Marketing Director Leo Olebe and Director of Production Dallas Dickenson.

If you’re familiar with the show, you can already guess that no real information was actually contained in the video. However, there was a minor gem to be uncovered in there: a couple of screens of the space combat system, complete with UI visible!

See here:

Space Combat

Space Combat - Click to Enlarge

More Space Combat

More Space Combat - Click to Enlarge

It appears to be a fairly simplistic user interface, and “arcade-y” in nature.

Be sure to head over to IGN and check out the whole piece, and let us know what you think!

Update: The newest episode of the Jace Hall show is out, and you can catch 15-20 more seconds of space combat. Check it!

  1. Thx guys! looks great =D


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