Jan 4, 2011

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IGN Hands-On Preview: Jedi Consular

Today, IGN posted a new writeup from their hands-on session during the recent “Jedi Immersion Day.”

Even though the article came later than most of the other coverage, the author posts some new insights and fairly detailed descriptions of his experience as a Jedi Consular:

Far and away, my favorite ability is Force Wave, an area-of-effect attack that has my Consular jump into the air and with a swirl of the hands send any nearby units flying in all directions.

The author’s previous experience playing a Sith Inquisitor during E3 left him quite underwhelmed, and this new article is quite positive. Apparently having enough time in the saddle gave him the time he needed to be more immersed in the game, and pick up on some of the gameplay nuances. Good news indeed.

As always, as an avid TOR fan it’s a must-read, so head on over to IGN and check it out!


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