Dec 20, 2010

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Ask A Jedi: Who Was The First Jedi? And More…

If you spend any time on the official Star Wars: The Old Republic forums, you are sure to have seen his passion and prose regarding all things Jedi. You know him as Professor Walsh. Each week (or thereabouts,) Professor Walsh will answer a few reader-submitted questions in order to enlighten us all with the ways of the Jedi. You can submit your own question at the end of the article!

Sorry it has been so long since the last edition of Ask A Jedi, even Jedi Scholars need to work though. But now I’m back and ready to go…

So let’s clear the queue shall we? First up:

Hello Jedi Master Walsh,

I was thinking of venturing into the written word of Star Wars, I went into a Star Wars wiki and saw the list of books. After recovering from minor shock that left me looking like a cross eyed monkey with Absynthe, I descided I really need to get a professional opinion. About the books I mean. There are e-books, actual books, side books, not books and standard books. As I prefer actual paperback/hardback books, as a new starter what book series/collections should I get and where what era should I start? (I know thats a lot to ask but I really have an urge to read all of them but I dont know where to start!)

Your Faithful Apprentice, Az

Dear Az,

There are several series I pretty much swear by, The Grand Admiral Thrawn Trilogy (Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising, and The Last Command) by Timothy Zahn. This series is the series that brought Star Wars back from the brink of oblivion and takes place shortly after Episode VI. There is also the New Jedi Order but honestly, that series is long, contains a lot of filler, and a lot of the books following it were intended to retcon many of the changes it made. It does contain the deaths of a number of main characters so it is worth a look. Right now I am also enjoying the Fate of the Jedi series, and finally, who can go wrong with The Jedi Path, an in-universe text book to being a Jedi.

I think those are good places to start.

Dear Jedi,

This might seem like an easy question but surprisingly hard to find the right answer to… who was the first Jedi? And for that matter, what came first – the Jedi or the Sith?


Dear Rebel,

We don’t know the name of the first Jedi, so there is no way for me to answer that. Though I can answer the second question, kind of, basically it depends on what you mean by Sith.

If you mean the race, I’d have to say most likely Sith.

If you mean the Sith, as in the Force using order that we usually call the Sith, then the answer is the Jedi. The Sith that we usually refer to are actually a group of exiled Dark Jedi who interbred with the Sith race.

Dear Jedi,

Did jedi have an opinion on homosexuality?


Dear Thelit,

Not that we know of. The Jedi are open to all beliefs and all people though. While they would likely frown on homosexual activity within the Order, that is because they would frown on any sexual activity within the Order. The truth is though, as far as homosexuality goes, there is no reason the Jedi would be against it as any kind of organized homosexuality.

Dear Jedi,

From a DnD alignment stand point, would it be possible for a Jedi to be Chaotic Good? I know this alignment would much better fit a smuggler, but I was wondering if a Jedi would be capable of this.

Wiki link definition:


Dear Thalik,

Yes and no. It is very possible, but such an alignment would be more suited to what is known as a “Gray Jedi” than a traditional Jedi. There are a number of Jedi who fit this alignment. Some would argue Quinlan Vos and Qui Gon Jin. It is possible, and even likely, that a Chaotic Good Jedi could exist, but they would likely not be admitted to the Council and would be kept at an arm’s reach by them.

Dear Jedi,

If Plo Koon and Ki-adı-mundi had a battle ho would win?

Kaan Yuceland

Dear Kaan,

I have to give it to Ki-Adi-Mundi, but that is only because I personally like the tentacle look over the breather.

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Lego Luke

  1. Thankyou For answering my query Master Jedi, I will head out to my local book store and start the searching!

    Your Faithful Apprentice, Az

  2. Dark Lord Of The Sith says:

    Dear Jedi
    Who Is The Most Powerful Sith And Most Powerful Jedi And The Most Powerful Force Wielder (Celestials Not Counted)

  3. Origins of Jedi and Sith. Read here :

  4. Master Mound says:

    I have been reading some things about the origins of the jedis and i read that buddha has the first force sensitive.
    Is it true?

  5. Luke skywalker says:

    Hello Jedi Master Walsh

    My friend and I were having a debate about who the very first Jedi was and he thought that was Master Yoda is this true/
    Regards Luke

  6. dear jedi. Who do you Believe reys parents are. Also do you think finn is force sensitive

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