Nov 5, 2010

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Friday Update: EA Winter Showcase: Jedi Wizard Rename

A few months back when all of the advanced classes were revealed at Gamescom, there was perhaps one which stuck out like a sore thumb: the Jedi Wizard.

No one could figure out the reasoning behind the name. There didn’t seem to be any lore to support it, and worse than that, it seemed to conjure up all sorts of mental images about Jedi with pointy hats named Harry.

All of the commotion did not fall on deaf ears at BioWare however, and teased a while back that we may be seeing an announcement about that name soon.

Well, today is that day! And BioWare really upped the ante – They are letting fans vote on the final class name!

We’re offering you the chance to rename the Jedi Wizard Advanced Class. Cast your votes now!

The available choices for the name change are: Jedi Sage, Jedi Seer and Jedi Adept. All of which are I think unequivocally cooler for a Star Wars game than Jedi Wizard. And Jedi Seer has some precedent in KoTOR.

So don’t waste any time, head on over to the official TOR site and vote to make your voice heard!

Consular Skill Tree

Consular Skill Tree

  1. I was rather indifferent towards the name. To tell you the truth I loved watching uber nerds rage on the Consular boards about it. I’m glad Sage is winning as it’s what I originally speculated the AC name would be when we first learned of advanced classes.

  2. Jedi Adept!

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