Oct 6, 2010

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GDC Online: Day 1 – The Expo

Although today was technically the 2nd day of GDC Online here in Austin, it was the first day that the Expo Floor was open to attendees and the media. So I did what any fanatical Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ fan would do, and ran straight over to the BioWare booth on the show floor!

As this is an industry conference for folks who make games, the focus is not actually on playing them, such as at PAX or GamesCom. As such, I didn’t expect TOR to be available to play here, and I was correct.

BioWare’s booth was set up primarily as a recruiting tool, as these shows are well attended by folks looking to network for new opportunities, and students who may just be getting out into the workforce.

BioWare's Booth at GDC Online 2010

BioWare's Booth at GDC Online 2010

They also had a large HD flat screen set up in the booth that were looping both the Hope and Deceived trailers. Needless to say, people that were stopping to view it were in awe (and yes, there are some folks who had not seen them!)

At the booth, I had the pleasure of meeting Joanne (pictured below) and James, both from the community team. As is the case for every BioWare employee I’ve ever met, they couldn’t have been nicer – truly a pleasure to speak with!

Joanne Laroche, Senior Community Manager

Joanne Laroche, Senior Community Manager

So although there isn’t much “meat” to today’s post, we at least wanted to give you a small taste of the happenings so far! Tomorrow and Friday are the actual sessions where BioWare designers and developers will be participating in, so be sure to check back for that!

On  final note, I asked Joanne what Friday’s update would be… and…. there will be one! That’s all I could get out of her :)


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