Sep 7, 2010

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Sean Dahlberg – Exit… Stage Left

By now you may have heard the news that Sean Dahlberg has left BioWare:

Hi Everyone –

Sean Dahlberg has recently left BioWare. We would like to thank Sean for doing a great job building the TOR Community and we wish him well in his future endeavors!


The Star Wars: The Old Republic Team

Sean himself confirmed it on his own blog with a post just a short while ago:

No, I’m not terminally ill. No, I didn’t break any bones. No, I didn’t run off and get married. No, I didn’t stay in Germany and run off with anyone. No, I haven’t left earth and taken residence in my very own Death Star to begin the final stages of galactic domination… although that one would be pretty cool. Yes, as announced, I am no longer with BioWare.

So I just wanted to personally say thanks to Sean for everything he’s done… for setting up the foundation for a great community, for having a great sense of humor, for just being regular guy and above all for helping Ask A Jedi get off the ground!

Sean, we wish you the very best in your future quests, and can’t wait to find out what you’re up to!

p.s. You had a real shot at taking over largest size tag in the tag cloud too. ;)

  1. Its a sad sad day.

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