Sep 5, 2010

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PAX: Presentation Video & Screens

Finally! ¬†Below you’ll find Part 2 of our HD recording of yesterday’s TOR panel at PAX. We decided to do Part 2 first because it contains all of the good stuff – all of the new reveals and videos!

We’ll be posting the other parts as well, including the multi-player combat demo (helmed by Sado from DH, TOROCast, and TORSyndicate!) and the Q&A session at the end.

UPDATE: Part 3 is up including the Revan complex as well is the PvP(vE?)!
UPDATE: Part 4 is up, which includes the Daniel Erickson Q&A!

TOR @ PAX – Part 2

TOR @ PAX – Part 3

TOR @ PAX – Part 4

As a side note, check out these awesome HD screenshots from community member Aneon as well! Click Here.

p.s. Apologies for any camera shakiness!

Star Wars @ PAX

  1. Look very awesome as still shots. It’s probably amazing to watch in the video.

  2. It will be really good to see some video.looking forward to seeing it.

  3. Great job guys thanks for the vid. One question though, I can tell the Jedi Consular isn’t human, what are we looking at possible Kiffar reveal or Mirialan?

    • @Keyden

      That’s a Miraluka, having her eyes covered because her entire race is blind and only sees through the force. Also, they are already confirmed as a playable race for Jedi Consulars.

      Anyways, guys: Awesome stuff so far, can’t wait to see the rest of the presentation.

      • Actually that was the Jedi Knight if I’m correct and yes Miraluka is correct, as she was the one putting the lightsaber together. The one I was talking about was the green/blue one with the facial tatoos in the robe.

  4. Lethality, nice job on the video, but I think we all need to pitch in and buy you a tripod for Christmas. Just giving you a hard time. Hope you had fun and thanks for the video.


  5. Great video guys. Great job.

  6. Beauty! Good Job Boys!


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