Aug 18, 2010

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GamesCom 2010: Advanced Classes Revealed

[UPDATE] These appear to have been quoted as “working titles.” We’re trying to comfirm this witha 3rd party source, but the European fan site SWTOR Life in at GamesCom and was able to speak with James Ohlen.

Character customization in SWTOR is also made possible through a concept called advanced classes. It is a specialization of your primary class into one of two paths. Today at GamesCom 2010 the working titles of all 16 advanced classes were revealed.

Read their update here.

The benefit of having a convention going on in Germany, is that there’s already news when you wake up! This morning, we’re already getting word out of GamesCom that additional advanced class names were revealed during a press event:

  • Jedi Consular – Shadow and Wizard
  • Trooper - Commando and Vanguard
  • Bounty Hunter – Mercenary and Powertech
  • Imperial Agent -Operative and Sniper
  • Sith Inquisitor – Sorcerer and Assassin

Some of these Advanced Class names seem a little odd to us, as if they were the victim of poor translation. We might want to wait until the information is released formally to the public to assure accuracy. If these are in fact all correct, then we can all finally make a Jedi named Gandalf.

Thanks to our friends at Darth Hater for breaking this news first!

  1. i think those names sound right. The questionable ones seem to be.

    shadow which to me means Tholme,
    Assassin equals Maul,
    Operatives are more stealth,
    Snipers = pure dps,
    I would asume powertech and vanguard are the high armor types.

    At least those are how they sound to me.

  2. I am excited about the AC being revealed. I think its been a really good convention season thus far. Now where am I going to go with my agent, operative or sniper.

  3. I think the Jedi Wizard is definatly lost in translation…

    At Least I hope it is…. if not we’ll have 2 dozen Jedi called Gandalf and Merlin running around :-D

  4. cdstephens says:

    *Looks at powertech*



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