Aug 8, 2010

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Space Combat Detailed, And Jedi Knight Info

Our friends over at posted a summary of an article appearing in the new issue of PC Action, a German PC gaming magazine. Now keep in mind, this information has been translated by Google Translator and the help of a few community members – it’s accuracy may be less than perfect.

PC Action Cover

PC Action Cover

We believe that the upcoming issue of PC Gamer, due on August 17, 2010 will have features on the same information. So we’re going to withold impressions until we get our hands on that magazine, or hear more directly from BioWare.

The highlights cover two areas:

Space Combat

  • Missions are on pre-defined paths
  • Various weapons are available
  • You can fly to various hotspots to start the missions
  • Space combat is described as a “quick snack”
  • It’s not complex like X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter – it’s casual
  • There will be escort missions
  • No PvP space combat is available at the current time, maybe in the future

Jedi Knight

  • Advanced classes seem to be Guardian and Sentinel
  • Can use one or two lightsabers
  • Guardian seems to be the tank
  • Get an R7 Astromech companion

You can read the entire article (in German) here.

We’ll be posting more info to this article as we get it, so keep checking back!

  1. cdstephens says:

    I believe you just opened Pandora’s box.

  2. Bah! I wonder why the second is called Sentinel.. It just doesn’t fit the JK. But at least the details are out, thanks!

  3. Galindran says:

    Hmm, a tough decision for which AC to pick, but I’ll probably pick Guardian since the JC can be a DPS too.


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