Jul 23, 2010

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Comic-Con: Crafting the Multiplayer Story – Live Blog

We’re posting these details as they happen, and we’ll then flesh it out better after the panel has concluded and we are working off of our recording.

  • Each class story as big as original KoTOR, and no one shares content! (is this new? ;)
  • There are of course world/galactic story arcs
  • Ships will be customizable!
  • You can enter space combat! October (? inaudible)  issue of PC Gamer will have a feature on this.
  • Sean confirmed Space Combat was the special reveal!  Read Here. (note: it doesn’t sound like free-roaming space at this time)
  • Responding to a question, alking about switching factions as something they will not allow (kind of a shame)
  • Responding to another questions, planets like Alderaan will have factions aligned with both factions (inaudible as to what they were)
  • Another Question about progression, they view it extremely important and there will be a lot of it. Specifically mentions crafting in that vein
  • (this is basically a Q&A if you haven’t caught on yet :)
  • James Ohlen answered a question about lightsaber type restrictions being visually restricted\
  • Flashpoints are group-only story and will take about an hour to complete
  • World arcs are shareable stories that can be completed alone or in a group
  • Classes will have race restrictions
  • Wrapping up…
  • Ironically, nothing more about the multiplayer story other than mentioning there is one :(

We’ll be working on listening to the recording to see if there’s any way to expand on or provide more details on these points.

UPDATE: GameSpot has posted their high quality video recording of the entire panel, so check it out! Click here to watch.

  1. Awesome coverage and awesome news. Keep the info coming!

  2. cdstephens says:

    My guess it’ll be somewhat of a minigame, but in any case I hope they don’t put too much time and money into space combat.


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